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Bloglines Feed/RSS

There is a Bloglines feed for this blog. I didn't make it, but a couple of people are signed up to it, so I'll link it for the traffic outside livejournal. Feeds are nice, I reckon. They make life simple. I use my friends page as one giant feed for news and blogs and review sites, so if you want a free feed for this blog that you can have sitting next to a whole heap of other feeds like I've got, and just use the one page as a huge information source, here you go.

If you know of any more (or if you're reading the journal through a different feed) let me know.

The only thing worth noting with feeds is that formatting for images and text is off. That makes a difference with the Street Conversation posts. With that in mind, if you want to make one, the RSS information is in the info page. Click City at the top.
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