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Adala's Memory: A March Collection.

Appearing online as part of the Spiny Babbler Anthology is my story Adala's Memory: A March Collection. It's free fiction. Do the click thing to read.

But first, some background for you.

Originally written two and a half years ago, it is an early draft to one of the chapters I was working on in A Walking Tour of the Dreaming City. At the time, I was pleased with the voice I captured, and that still stands, though it reads a little differently now. (And is also called 'The Woman Who Wasn't There'.)

To be honest, I don't think the Spiny Babbler Anthology is something that I should be involved in. It's for creative writing students, which technically I am since I'm a doctorate student, but even at the time of my submission I had published a considerable more than most students at a post or under graduate level. The Spiny Babbler Anthology is a venue for promoting writers just getting a foot in the door, and while I have not done much more than that, I have pushed my way in. This is not to say that the collection is shit (I haven't read it, so I have no idea), but rather that my inclusion in it doesn't give me anything (not even a bit of cash or a hardcopy) and, perhaps more importantly, takes a place from a new writer who may or may not have been one of my students. The last bit is what gives me pause.

So, why am I there? Well, I submitted it because my supervisor said I should. If you have a supervisor, you'll understand that. In addition, I had been told that it would at least be a book that would reach an audience that I don't have much to do with.

Still, I didn't write this post to bitch. It happened a while back, so whatever, y'know? Live and learn.

Instead, this is me and my shit being public for the new writers round here. Pick the places you submit to carefully, boys and girls, and if you fuck up, don't be afraid of it.

Meanwhile, there's free fiction for you all.

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