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Mercury Rev's The Secret Migration.

For the last couple of days, I've been listening to Mercury Rev's new album, the Secret Migration. Except to have the tracks to be dumped into my ipod, it hasn't left the stereo.

It is, without a doubt, a beautiful album. I never thought I would say this, to be honest, as frontman Jonathan Donahue has always sounded a bit too similar to Wayne Coyne, the frontman for the Flaming Lips. I like the Flaming Lips, but beautiful is not the word to describe Coyne's vocals or the band. Indeed, there was always a chance that Mercury Rev would still sound similar to the Flaming Lips, and the Secret Migration and the Flaming Lips' last album, the excellent Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, both featured the producer Dave Fridmann. But whether it's Fridmann or just each bands growth into new areas, it's difficult now to make the comparison between the two now.

The Secret Migration is a dark, beautiful album about belief and love and devotion to the two. The images that stick in your head after the first spin are of dark country brides, white horses, and angels. With the second and third, those images grow with the the music which, it seems to me, is perfect for dusk, where everything between the afternoon and the night is quietly unwinding and the sky is filtered orange and you're in a tranquil place.

The moment before you begin again.
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