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The Urban Sprawl Project in February

Last night, I was told that reading this blog was like sneaking a glance at the Freak Show Carnival for the Mind, and being glad you did. I liked that. It made me laugh.

With a couple of days left in February, it looks like the stats here have evened out at fifteen hundred unique hits that result in five thousand hits per month. There is also eighty or so people on my friends list that don't show up unless they go through the actual journal, but I figure it's safe to say about half of them are reading the entries regularly. In terms of numbers, it's nothing big, but it does reveal a solid base of you who are coming through here, which is real cool. In terms of parts of the world, there are regular visitors from Germany, the UK, the Philippines, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Greece, Finland, France, Italy, the US (and the US Education system, apparently distinct from the US), Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Turkey, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, and Japan. The US and UK up the top, behind Australia, naturally, but the whole thing is just too cool for words.

In terms of my writing, it's begun to make me consider the venues that fiction appears in. Magazines aren't looking as good as they once did, but online publications have taken on a new shine and potential. Feed the existing audience, I say, and see what happens. I mean, maybe there is a handbook for this stuff, but if there is, I never got it, and so I figure if I don't look after what I've got, then the folk here will disappear. Magazines don't feed that, and perhaps anthologies fall into the same category, but a good anthology also has the position of raising one's profile, and is usually better value for your money on the consumer side of things.

But I guess it's all just theory. Either way, I'll give it a kick, and see what happens.

Also, next week brings me to the middle of Street Conversations. The majority of feedback on the project has been positive, which is very nice, and next week will see a bit of a swerve from what has gone on before. Part Three, Old Men, didn't quite click with me, but I'm hoping it'll come right as the rest of them fall into place. If it doesn't, well, you were all witness to me fucking up, but I hope that it'll at least be interesting for you to watch as it happens.

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