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I don't reread often. Publishers are a business, and like most, they're out for cash, not the creation of culture. It's a bit of an unnecessary blanket statement rather than an explanation for not rereading, but still... anyhow, authors are like a disease, and there are more every year, or so it seems to me, and in the statistical numbers there are more than enough books printed each year for me to be constantly in the new.* Truth is, I'll never read everything I want before I die. Thus, rereading always feels like it has come at the cost of a new book, a new author. But despite this, there is a joy in rereading, an ability to linger over words and phrases and find hidden moments and meaning that you missed the first time. Rereading isn't something to be ignored totally, and I guess I ought to remember that at times.

"Nobody came in, nobody called, nothing happened, nobody cared whether I died or went to El Paso."

--Raymond Chandler, the High Window.

* By this, I also mean books published ten or fifteen years ago that I never read. Reprinting is still publishing.
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