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Blues Explosion and a bit of the Music Meme.

"This is not the Devil's music, but it feels like the Devil's time."

That line is from the Blues Explosion's 'Help These Blues' which is found on Damage, a fine, crunchy, funky album. Friend of mine turned me onto them after she saw them live. It's just unreasonably cool. Figure for most this won't be surprise. I'm always late to the party.

Anyhow, this morning I clicked on Warren Ellis' Streaming Column because it was early, and I just felt like clicking on something. The column is a bit of a nothing thing, and this entry doesn't deviate from that. It's essentially a meme. Anyhow, it mentions five songs that mean something to you, and again, because I haven't quite woken up yet, my brain actually starting with the electric shocks and here we are.

Music Nazis get your keyboards ready.

Five Songs.


'Knock Me Out', Linda Perry (with Grace Slick). Found on Perry's first solo album, and one of my all time favourites, In Flight, it's one of those songs that works its way into your head. Dark and soulful and, with Slick's presence, about a pair of Lesbians in an abusive relationship. The song, and whole album, just remind me of that time when I was heading out into Richmond to do my Arts Degree. I'd ride these single train lines out past Blacktown with my walkman, in the old carriages that CityRail didn't want going into the city, and everything outside the windows would become more spaced apart. Occasionally, you could hitch down the long road into the campus, as students who didn't know you would stop to pick you up so you didn't have to walk the twenty minutes into the campus. More often than not, it was a guy in ute that gave you a ride. Guess I just got that kind of appeal.


'Fine Mess', Tex Perkins. Really, I could pick any song off Perkins' Dark Horses, but this one best sums up the state of me at this time. I guess everyone has an album or song that defines a difficult period in their life. Mostly, it involves girls or boys, depending on your orientation. Mine was a girl. It sucked like you wouldn't believe.


'Nothing Else Matters', Metallica. It'd be a lie if I didn't trace back to the teenage me. In fact, as I write this, I'm tempted to swap it over with Guns 'N' Roses' 'Paradise City' or 'Sweet Child of Mine' from their Appetite for Destruction album. I suppose you can just call this entry the songs of High School, and the Metallica song is just what starts it. Anyhow, while I have downloads of the music that I rarely listen to, the only copies I own of any of this music is on old tapes that I've lost somewhere. Still, I must have listened to the self titled Metallica album and others a million fucking times. I can't pick up an old fantasy novel without remembering the music. A time and place.


'Hallelujah', Jeff Buckley. From Grace, Buckley's only real album, and a cover of a Leonard Cohen song. It's not the right thing to say, but I just can't listen to that original without thinking of Buckley's. It's a real shame he never released a finished second album, and an even bigger shame that people continue to release versions of the same live show to cash in. There are a few fine live albums, such as Live at Sin-e, and Columbia appears to be slowly releasing covers and odd bits, but nothing equals that first album, and nothing equals his cover of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah'.


I've no idea what to end with. Something by Tom Waits? I'd probably go with 'Filipino Box Spring Hog', cause you never forget your first bit of Waits, but I love 'Romeo is Bleeding' and 'Gun Street Girl' and many, many others. Then there is the Stooges and early Iggy Pop; and Alice in Chains, before Layne Staley got fucked up on drugs and ended up friendless and dead in his apartment; and anything from the Jesus and Mary Chain's Darklands; and there are parts of Tori Amos that I adore and are the reasons why I buy new albums, still. There's also the Cruel Sea, and the date I went on with that Christian girl who claimed to be the brother of Dan Random, the guitarist, but I already picked a Tex Perkins song. (They've done a lot of fine music. 'Better Get a Lawyer' pops right into my head with Perkins' growl.) I could have gone Rage Against the Machine, or NWA's glorious 'Fuck Da Police'...

The list would likely change tomorrow, so I'll just leave it like that. Anyhow, feel free to write your own.

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