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on the 20th of November, page nine, we learn about what exactly lies beneath the glory of olympic park in 'history's waste turns into a toxic shock for the olympic neighbourhood,' by richard macey.

'laura leonoff lives just a kilometre from the olympic park, the home of the green olympics. but her homebush property is so contaminated with industrial toxins, it has been declared unsuitable for use.'

'metres from land that accommodated a chemical plant for 50 years.'

'suffering severe headaches, allergies and breathing disorders.' (this was the aforementioned ms leonoff.)

there are other articles about the toxicity of olympic park. fantastic, isn't it? reminds me of that simpsons quote, where lisa says the white house was built on a stagnant swamp... or something was built there. maybe congress... i guess i don't remember the quote that well, huh?
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