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The (International) Noise Conspiracy.

A few years back, I saw the (International) Noise Conspiracy play. They were part of a festival, if I remember right, but I saw the side gig they played at the Annandale Hotel.

The Annandale, if you've never been there, is one of those dirty pup slash band venues. You get a good crowd in there, and it's excellent, but if you get a bad crowd... well, it's just trendy fuckers talking over the music. You try to poison these people, but like roaches, they come back, sniffing and twitching with their lawyer on a leash. That, in case you're wondering, was my experience at the Annandale when I saw the Sleepy Jackson perform. But, when the (International) Noise Conspiracy were there, it was, simply, fantastic. The crowd was good, but the band was on. Frontman Dennis Lyxzen has real stage charisma that can work a crowd even as he gives his political leanings an airing. (Which, given the content of the bands music, is hardly surprising. Nor is the anarchy bookstore that they had set up for after the gig a shock. Indeed, I found some neat stuff in it.)

I could go on about how good their live gig was, but instead, I'll simply make this note: afterwards, their albums were pale and dull when placed next to their live performance.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a copy of the Your Choice Live Series recording of the (International) Noise Conspiracy, recorded in 2001 in Berlin. You want a taste of what they're like live, you want this album.

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