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Tuesday and Writing.

I read the draft of A Walking Tour of the Dreaming City over the weekend. I still haven't written the final chapter that ties everything together, but my plan for that is to rewrite the entire book over the next month and then, with it all in the back of my head, begin the story of Samuel Clemens. However, before that, I spent my weekend reading the draft, and I found it, at various turns, to be dark, repetitive, funny, stupid, sad, and much smaller than I had originally imagined it. I'll be surprised if, at the end, the whole thing exceeds more than eighty five thousand words.

That's the oddest thing about the book, I think, but it's nothing short of a pleasure.

It's been a while since we had a new visitor from the world (by this I mean someone in a country that hasn't been previously logged here before) but someone from Latvia passed through the other day or so. All good to see.
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