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Tsunami, Part Two.

A few years back, ceret, a fine person and novelist, did some work for the United Nations High Comission for Refugees in Trincomale, Sri Lanka, and he has written the people who lived there on his livejournal. It's personal, touching, and contains this plea:

"Please do look at the photos of those little kids. Over half of all the tens of thousands of dead in Sri Lanka are children. Many of the children in those photos would have still been living in that camp, which means that many of them drowned. They’ll never grow up. They’ll never fall in love, or own a TV set, or move to a big city, or become the doctors and teachers they told me they dreamed of being.

Please try to remember the very big difference a very small amount of money (like the example I gave above) can make. You’re safe, and healthy, have just received lots of Christmas presents, and have the power to make a very real difference right now. The death toll has now topped 60,000 people, and as many more survivors may die because of disease and lack of aid."

Do the click thing.
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