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Black Sunday Month.

My little bit of writing at antipodeansf is up. It's called 'Black Sunday Month'.

Long time readers of this livejournal will find it familiar. The reason for this is that it is. For a while I entertained the idea of turning various one line entries in Dead Orbit into a series of aphorisms. When I got down to putting them together, however, I realised that it wasn't what I wanted to do and, I must admit, I lost interest it. Still, there were a few nice and creepy images in the couple of hundred words used, so I put a loose structure on it, and sent it off to antipodeansf. At the very least, I figured, it might bring some new readers here, or something like that. Better than sitting on the disk, a collection of now useless words formed formed into stillborn images.

Simply put, it's disposable fiction. It won't rock your world, but you might get a sharp snap out of it. Do the click thing if you've a moment.
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