Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

A Sign of Things to Come?

from the bbc:

"Australia's top policeman, Mick Keelty, has called for more powers to battle the threat of terrorism.

The federal police commissioner said officers should be able to use foreign evidence, and terror suspects should lose their right to remain silent.


"If society really expects law enforcement to be able to prevent and disrupt terrorist activity, then we need to look at other models that are working or that are under development in other parts of the world," Mr Keelty told a criminology conference in Melbourne on Monday night.

He pointed to the powers of the Indonesian police when dealing with terror suspects. Australian police have worked closely with Indonesian security officials ever since the Bali attacks.

"Terrorist suspects detained overseas can be held by non-law enforcement agencies - such as intelligence or military agencies - in non-criminal custody and with no necessity to meet certain evidentiary requirements like we do here," he said.

But Brian Walters, of Liberty Victoria, said that evidence obtained elsewhere often involved the use of torture, and if used, would "subvert our whole criminal justice process".
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