Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Journal Meme.

i must've missed the birth of this one while i was away, but i like it:

My journal is called dead orbit because i like the way the two words sound when placed together. also, in my more sarcastic days, and when i need a laugh, i also figure that it can be read as a comment on blog culture, and indeed, my own blog. i'll let you decide how the term dead orbit applies since, mostly, if i were being honest, i would have to say that the first reason is the best: i just like the way the two words sound together.

My subtitle is ben peek's journal (a little bit of this and that and some lies) because occasionally i figure someone who has an interest in my work'll show (or, indeed, become interested). having an audience that consists of one icelandic guy, some illiterate mimes, and walt disney's cryogenically frozen head... well, there's always room for more, you know?

My friends page is called paid to cry because i find the idea that people paid people to cry at funerals just odd and fascinating, and because when i die, i plan to send everyone on my friends list twenty bucks to come and weep over me. i figure they'll be pleased for the cash.

My username is benpeek because i'm frighteningly unoriginal at times.

My default userpic is nothing. this is because, mostly, i find userpics to be ugly things in just about every aspect. the interesting and beautiful ones are few and far between and are certainly beyond my abilities to make one. besides, i rather like the look of it without a user pic.

so, there you go. like all memes, you're all meant to follow suit.

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