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This Post is Pimpage.

Is pimpage even a word?

Well, who knows. At any rate, until Tuesday (the American Tuesday) Night Shade Books is having a fifty percent sale of books in stock and upcoming. What makes this post pimpage is that Night Shade is the publisher of the anthology Leviathan Four: Cities, edited by Forrest Aguirre, but featuring me.* The book is due from the printer at the end of the week, so ordering it will mean that you won't have to wait all that long to have it in your greasy little hands.

My story, 'the Dreaming City', is a novelette, which makes it a nice and meaty part of the collection. Nice things have been said in the few reviews I've seen, which I've linked previously, and it's the opening to my novel, A Walking Tour in the Dreaming City. If your dying grandmother was here, she'd tell you that it was all good.

Afterward, you can even stand around with complete strangers and mention me, possibly in a favourable light.

The sale, of course, comes with the condition that you buy three books. So after Leviathan Four, you'll want to tour through the site, and look at the books they've published. They're all spanky in presentation, and many are also spanky in content, but if I was going to recommend two, it would be the following.

A New Universal History of Infamy by Rhys Hughes. I reviewed it earlier in the year, so you can find the longer entry here. My thoughts on it are pretty much the same, and even though Hughes is a patchy writer, this is simply--in my opinion--a brilliant little thing. It avoids the horror of becoming a cheap sequel, but instead becomes a companion volume to Borges original work. I can't imagine having read this without first having read Borges slim book (which can be found in the larger Collected Fiction), but as I think people should read Borges, I've no problem saying you should buy both.

My other recommendation is Adam Robert's collection, Swiftly. Now, I should say that I haven't read the collection, but that I do have a copy waiting for me; my opinion is, instead, based off the sheer pleasure I had in reading the fantastic Jupiter Magnified and the beautiful 'Swiftly', both which are reprinted in the book.** Indeed, you can find a review of Jupiter Magnified here. Simply put, I think Robert's is one of the most interesting short fiction writers currently out there, and this, his first collection, containing eight pieces that have not been published before, has too much potential not to buy.

So, those two are my recommendations, but there are many other fine books there. Go check it and use the coupon code NS5011 to get the lovely fifty percent discount.

* And many better and well known writers, but whose blog is this?

** Though it should be noted that 'Jupiter Magnified' is reprinted without the incomplete book of poems that closed out Jupiter Magnified. It's an odd omission, and I thought their inclusion made the story fuller, but I guess you aren't missing anything to the narrative by their absence.

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