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the Tally

I spent the second half of the semester urging my students to think outside the creative writing box. It's an experimental course, I'd say, which means you've finally got a chance to go fucking wild. (I must've sounded like a broken record, really.)

Anyhow, without actually talking about the content of the assignments, I'd just like people to take note of some of the various delivery systems that were used for their final work. There were two zines, a set of postcards, a comic, a bucket load of coloured paper, most of which probably belongs to the giant jigsaw puzzle; a spoken word cd, a pair of cd cases, and two programs (remembering that killing my computer results in a fail); there is a strange board like object that looks as if its been dug out of the earth, a purse, and notes from someone's communal fridge; there is also a homemade diary held together by a silver tie, a powder blue wrapped box, a set of old, yellowed letters, and a series of blowups similar to those used by police to investigate crime scenes.

Just cool, isn't it?
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