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The Teaser for Episode Three.

Just watched the teaser trailer for Episode Three, and thought it was cool. There's a nice use of Alec Guiness' lines from the first film as a narration.

Watching Lucas' trailers for the Star Wars films is, I think, an entertainment in itself. The teasers and later, the full trailers are always excellent, and always manage to leave you wondering what's going to happen in the film. It's a skill that other trailers seem to lack. Indeed, I occasionally find myself wondering who puts them together, and if they're allowed to go and make a film. I'd so go see a film that was made by That Person Who Cut the Star Wars Trailers.*

As for the films themselves, I've liked them. They have the same pulp tone and pulp acting and pulp plot and pulp everything as the original ones to me. They just look prettier now.