Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

In the Kingdom of the Wicked.

I went out into the world today, curious to see what people would say to Bush's re-election.

It might appear odd, at first, that someone in Sydney would expect reaction. Maybe not. The web has been filled with fellow Australian's making comments (it would equal, i think, the re-election content for the Coalition earlier in October) and my classes in the lead up to it were filled with talk. Indeed, at one stage, I thought there were two types of conversation around me: one that was about the American Election, and the other that was not about the American Election. So, you know, I expected that when I stepped out, when I made my way up to Uni and back and strolled through the city, and met up with one person, and bumped into others, and taught a class... well, I expected that they would bring it up. That it would come up just slightly.

But no.

Not one.

Well, there was one. The only conversation I had was with an American student in convience store, where I asked him how he was after the election. He said, "Fine. Nothing would've happened anyhow, so I didn't much care--not like the others in our class."

The others being the Australian students, I might add. They were most vehement. Make people vote, the chanted, make people fucking vote!

There was one admitted non-voter in my classes, and when she said it, a portion of the class looked at her with hungry, hungry eyes, just like those Christians who offer food and bibles to starving third world people. If she had opened her mouth wide enough, I think they would've slithered down her throat and infected her with some must vote kerry virus. Personally, as far as I'm concerned (and this'll be a big shock to people who read this blog regularly) the ability to not vote is as important as the ability to vote for who you want, and both ought to be respected. But at any rate, what I'm trying to get across here, is that the simple VOTE OR DIE message of P. Diddy had worked its way over here and thousands of Australians were using their ability to peer pressure people into doing the thing they wanted them too.

So, you know, I expected to hear something about the election. About Bush.

There was a warm wind.

Tumbleweeds rolled past.

Conversations about coffee, William Shatner, Catholic guilt, and if Anthony Burgess' The Kingdom of the Wicked is worth purchasing. (I bought myself a copy today. I love A Clockwork Orange, so it's time to test the rest of his work out. If you've a recommendation, feel free.) Not one word outside the handful I had.

Of course, in the global community of the net, it's all people have talked about. Even me, though I'm mainly interested in the silence.

I wonder if it'll change. (The people in the world, not me.)

At any rate, since last night, people from Japan, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, the UK, the US educational system, and the Czech Republic have passed through this blog. Some have been here before, others not.

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