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The Murder Meme

in what will, no doubt, prove to a bad idea (or at least one i regret tomorrow), i've come up with a new livejournal protest meme.

i came up with it while reading the post about the fbi showing up at a blogger's house. i thought to myself: this world is fucking uptight. kids can't write violence in schools. people can't say that they don't like presidents (or maybe prime ministers, but who knows about that). nintendo is suing someone who listed their games on a board related to the site. it's just getting out of hand. the world needs to chill. so i came up with a new meme to help the world chill.

usually, memes are stupid. lets be honest: what book do you like, music no one else has, if you can chew gum and walk, and when was the last time you had sex with your father. stuff like that.

this meme, is different.

this meme is about satire.

this meme is about picking yourself a world leader, and then describing how they were brutally murdered.

what you do is simple: you pick a world leader you don't like, and in a paragraph, give the rundown on how they were brutally murdered. we're talking the blood, the details, the screaming, and the giant pretzel shaped monster that rose out the sea and jammed its salted fist down the throat of a world leader, about really killing them.  then you put in your subject heading 'How to Brutally Murder ' so that google and all the other search engines can pick it up and share in your satirical wit and ability to write these things.

it is not, and this should be pretty damn obvious, about really killing anybody. it's a satire, and a satire is "a composition in verse or prose ridiculing vice or folly or lampooning individual(s)" and so your brutal murder should adhere to that concept in one form or another.

if you decide to do this meme, post the rules first, followed by your brutal murder.

if you're thinking this is a bad idea, well, maybe it is. i'm unsure on the intelligence behind it myself, but it kinda pisses me off, people being unable to write what they want. i mean, how ridiculous is that? now, in truth, i know this isn't much. it's a pretty small thing, but i hear there's this thing called a blogsphere, and i dream of a world where the net search engines are swimming in the satires that depict the brutal murders of world leaders.

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