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Feb. 26th, 2002

city rumour: pizza boys are given ident-kits to help finger the people who rob them.

i was told this by someone who was a delivery boy for Pizza Hut, and what strikes me as funny (though not in a ha ha way) is that they expect their deliver boys and girls to be mugged. they expect them to pull up in their little cars, somewhere in suburbia, in the lamp lit streets, open their door, snag the red pouch with the pizza, turn, and look into the barrel of a gun.

or the blade of a knife.

or any of the various other items of violence that are reportedly in this kit for the unlucky pizza delivery individual to look over after they've been robbed.

now, i've never been a delivery boy, but i imagine that should i have gotten one and then shown up and been given the ident-kit, that my days working there would have been slim.