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'i am less interested in literary archaeology than in understanding the imaginary city, which snail like, i carry around with me. part carapace and part burden, this shell has been moulded, of course, by experience. but both that experience, and the imagined city it has produced, are shot through by the contents of the archive city. it has been learned as much from novels, pictures and half remembered films as from diligent walks round the capital cities of europe. it embodies perspectives, images, and narratives that migrate popular fiction, modernist aesthetics, the sociology of urban culture, and techniques for acting on the city.'

this quote i am taking from james donald's imaging the modern city which i have faintly returned too, because it is the closest thing in speaking to what i want to do, which this quote is.

it's strange. i need to have some sorta academic thing behind this, a framework, a theory, rather than hey, i'm just sitting down to write. it's a bother, an annoyance, and more than that, i'd like to kick whatever is responsible for it. but alas, i did sign myself up for this gig, so to say.

either way, i am sure they'll flunk me out at the end of the year. realising, of course, that i scammed my way in to begin with.

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