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Kobe Bryant Transcript (all the dirty details)

Okay, I don't give a shit about the Kobe Bryant thing. It's not even a small thing for me. My care factor is just zero. But I got the Smoking Gun update and they've got Bryant's transcript of his interview by the cops after the charge of rape is put up, and it contains Bryant explaining it all, including all the dirty details.

So very funny.

Detective Winter: Did you ever make the allegation that you like Vail Colorado when you were having sex with her?

Bryant: No.

Detective Loya: Did you ever ask her if you wanted, if you could cum in her face?

Bryant: Yes. That's when she said no. That's when she said no. That's when she said no.

Detective Loya: So what did, what did you say?

Detective Winters: What did you say, how did that, how did that come about?

Bryant: Um, you know, that's when I asked if I could cum in her face, she said no.

Detective Loya: So you like to cum in your partner's face?

Bryant: That's my thing, not always, I mean, so I stopped. Jesus Christ man. (Inaudible.)

Detective Winters: So how was this, how was this consensual, I mean, wha, wha, explain to me how this was consensual.

Bryant: It sounds pretty fucking crazy to me.

And it just keeps going.

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