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Years Best Australian Spec Fic.

bill congreve, owner of mirrordanse press, is doing a mass market years best australian fantasy, science fiction, and horror collection for 2004.

the term 'speculative fiction' is the umbrella term used (at times) for the three genres listed, and it contains within it a pretty broad definition that a surprising amount work published outside the usual local venues does fit into. i personally would like to see a bunch of it in this book. (i should point out that i have nothing to do with the book, so this opinion is just that, really.) so spread it round and make sure bill has a whole wide range of work to pick from.

Hello all,

Please feel free to spread this note far and wide.

MirrorDanse Books will be publishing a Year's Best Australian SF, Fantasy
and Horror in 2005. The book is the first of a projected series, and will
reprint a selection of the best stories from Aust writers and Aust residents
published anywhere in 2004.

We seem to have reached critical mass. This is the second year in a row when
the number of original stories published by Australians will be numbered in
the several hundreds. Total word count over a million. The variety of
markets is extreme: small press anthologies, small press magazines, small
press collections, a number of overseas publications ranging from tiny to
mass market, etc. But all of these markets is characterized by one thing:
lack of visibility in the Australian mass marketplace.

This anthology will go out mass market, and will therefore bring a new
audience to what we are all passionate about. We are the most active market
for fiction in Australia, and we should celebrate that fact.

As you all know, there are a number of Year's Best anthologies in the
international marketplace. Writers should be aware that a number of editors
may be interested in their stories. MirrorDanse will be buying non-exclusive
world anthology reprint rights only. Authors approached by other editors
should be aware of those words: 'non-exclusive world anthology reprint'.
That means you can sell your stories into other markets, such as other
year's bests, your own collection, other reprint anthologies, or whatever.
It also means that I can also buy your story, if you've sold it to another
reprint market.

Authors should also be aware that their contracts for original stories
should make provision for reprinting in Year's Best style anthologies.
Usually there's no problem as the reprint acts as an advertisement for the
original publication, but it has been known to happen.

I have read the following publications (all issues to date):

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
Dark Animus
Ticonderoga Online
Shadowed Realms
Fables and Reflections
Antipodean SF
Conqueror Fantastic
Australian Science Fiction Forum
Infinitas Bookshop Newsletter

Could writers who have published anything anywhere else, please email a
query and send a hardcopy of their work, with a business size SASE, to:

MirrorDanse Books
PO Box 3542
Parramatta NSW 2124

Thank you for your time.

Bill Congreve
MirrorDanse Books

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