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the colour experiment thing below (or in the previous entry) looked better on a white background, i assure you.

i picked up a new livejournal tool a couple of days back, so i have a few extra things to play around with. colour, putting lines in thing, fonts, stuff i didn't have before. i'm sure the result will be fascinating for you all. well, the one two of you that read this.

it's the fiction taboo to play with colours and fonts, which is a bit short sighted i find. sometimes i think fiction writers can be some of the most unimaginative people. yes, i did just want to use the smaller font, but it's still true. page usage can make a difference in a series of different and visual ways, and it's been used well in a number of books--the house of leaves being the first that jumps to my mind, but it's by no means a unique and singular thing in the publishing world. still, it surprises me that more page space techniques are not used, especially with fonts. in a novel that is supposedly written in handwriting, why not use a handwriting font? i'm sure there are reasons for this, but it just strikes me as a shame that it's not done moreso.

my thesis slash novel a walking tour in the dreaming city is font happy. it contains nineteen different narratives, and fifteen of these are in first person, and each of them is presented in a different font. i think it aids in the creation of a first person narrative voice, though i am sure people will disagree, and say that they find it intrusive, which is also the point. i guess in the end i'll discover how successful it is, but right now, i think it works nicely, and the feedback i've gotten on the draft i have has been positive in that draft like fashion. read: nothing has been born deformed.

anyhow, with the post earlier, it looked much more acceptable on white in the preview section. live and learn, hey?

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