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i have a love for the artwork of dave mckean. my favourite of his work is the graphic novel cages. it's a brilliant, sprawling, magical thing, surpassing any of the work he did with neil gaiman. (which, at any rate, i rather liked, too, especially signal to noise and mr. punch.)

he is directing a film called mirrormask and this is some images from it. the film might suck, but it'll be pretty beyond words.

"When things get bad in life, people sometimes remark it might just be easier if you could run off and join the circus, escaping the realities of every day life and living care-free, touring across the country with a bunch of very colorful people. The overwhelming majority of us don't do that, and for good reason.

There's a totally different side to that circus fantasy that's examined in the upcoming film "MirrorMask," which centers on a 15-year-old girl named Helena who's a member of a family of circus entertainers and wishes she could run off and join real life."

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