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every now and then i go through this moment of hunting for new music. the old music sucks, i think, and new things must be found, and at this moment, i do whatever self respecting individual does: i look around at what i've been listening too, and i go right to the opposite side of the music room. sometimes, the result is that less than admirable purchases and downloads are made. things that i normally wouldn't have anything to do with, you must understand, and which, outside this moment of complete reversal, would never have happened. i was caught in one of these moments this week--it's probably surprisingly to everyone that i am not talking about the william shatner song.

in response to this lapse, i took all the music on my computer and dumped it into my windows media player, then hit shuffle. there is apparently seventy six hours and forty three minutes and forty two seconds of music and comedy on this computer. substantially more than i thought i had, and when put on random, jumps from bob dylan to set fire to flames to tori amos and, at the moment, snog.

some of it i didn't even know i had.

i should do this more often.
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