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3D Transformers.

My big guilty retro pleasure is Transformers. Generation One Transformers, to be more precise.

I've no idea if the majority of people know what Generation One means, since I labour under the impression that most people have different guilty retro pleasures, or are poorly adjusted individuals who don't have one. But, if you don't know what Generation One refers too, it's simple: it's the original Transformers cartoon from the middle of the eighties. It's possible it refers to the original comic series, too, but that series is an ugly beast and I won't have anything to do with it, not when the pretty Dreamwave version is so easily and readily available. (And it's seriously pretty. I also recommend the Jae Lee illustrated Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover that they put out, but then I can honestly recommend anything that Jae Lee has illustrated.)

This will likely be the only post I make about the topic, unless something else very cool comes along, but mostly I don't feel any urge to share it. But, in this case, I want to direct you towards an insane webpage where a graphic designer has rendered the majority of Generation One Transformers into 3D images, and provided films in which they, as transformers must, transform.

It's here.

the whole thing is kinda impressive.

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