Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

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Ash Grunwald's I Don't Believe

I am listening to Ash Grunwald's I Don't Believe, and it has, without doubt, the funkiest blues cover of Tom Waits' 'Going Out West' on it that I've ever heard. I love Waits' original version, too, but Grunwald has taken the song and made it his own, stripping it back to his guitar, beats in the background, and his voice belting out that he knows voodoo and karate, and is going to change his name to Hannibal. (I just love Tom Waits' lyrics.) The song fits the whole album, as I Don't Believe is Grunwald himself, using pots, pans, tambourines, claps, beats, and a foot controlled sampler to create the music that his voice howls through.

It's cool. Do the click thing, check the samples out.
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