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April 11th, 2016

Leviathan’s Blood Soundtrack

Originally published at Ben Peek. You can comment here or there.

I made a soundtrack for The Godless last year for fun. It wasn’t professional, or full of music I made – Andrew Macrae’s Trucksong is a brilliant example of that – but I enjoyed making it and so I made one for Leviathan’s Blood.

The soundtrack works just like it did in The Godless: one piece of music per section. If you recall my statement earlier that I used the new TV series structure for the book, then think of each section as an episode, and the song is tied to the final events of that episode, and attempts to tie what has happened together. Just like The Godless soundtrack, Leviathan’s Blood follows the same rule, and each song fits in at the end. It’s mostly just a little bit of fun that I indulge in with the book after I’ve written it, and edits are unfolding, and I tell myself people have a vague interest, so I post it here.

However, there is one difference between The Godless and Leviathan’s Blood soundtracks, in that I am not going to list each sections title in Leviathan’s Blood. It’s mostly for those of you who want no spoilers whatsoever. There not hugely spoilery, but I’m a kind and generous author.

Anyhow: here it is.


‘Have You Passed Through This Night?’ – Explosions in the Sky


‘Picking On Me’ – Skunk Anansie


‘Protection’ – Massive Attack


‘Chains ‘n Things’ – B.B. King


‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ – Say Lou Lou


‘Help These Blues’ – The Blues Explosion


‘Lazarus’ – David Bowie


‘What We Loved Was Not Enough’ – Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra


‘Imagine’ – A Perfect Circle


‘Bones in the Water – Battle of Mice


‘Knights of Cydonia’ – Muse


‘Go For the Throat’ – Iggy Pop


‘Mrs Jones’ – Hole


‘Now There’s That Fear Again’ – Mum


‘Thankful N’ Thoughtful’ – Bettye LaVatte