January 16th, 2014


Rjurik Davidson’s ‘Nighttime in Caeli-Amur’ and Unwrapped Sky

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My friend and fine writer, Rjurik Davidson, has a new short story up on Tor.com entitled ‘Nighttime in Caeli-Amur’.



It’s a pretty cool story, one set in the world of his upcoming novel, Unwrapped Sky, which is also excellent. I should know, because I read it last year, long before any of you (it will be released in April this year). It’s a novel that bleeds together the edges of the ‘new weird’, the old weird, the pulps, and fantasy, and fuses it together into its own vision of a city on the brink of unrest and civil war. It is pretty cool, totally worth your time and money, but if you’re not entirely convined, you can click on the link that goes to ‘Nighttime in Caeli-Amur’, and have a taste of it, before you order the book.