June 11th, 2012


I Am Not A Winner

Much to my delight, I did not win a Ditmar on the weekend. That honour went to Paul Haines (as it rightly should).

Regardless, that brings me up to ten nominations and no wins. I am equal, now, with Bill Wright, my friend and enemy, the only man worthy of sharing such an honour with me. No doubt you will all understand that I cannot and will not think you equal to myself and Mr. Wright. We have worked hard, we have. Jack Wodhams, whose first nomination was in 1970 (or 71, it is a bit unclear) is the closest to contest us, but at eighty-one, I am unclear as to what he is doing at this current time. No doubt, he is untrustworthy. No doubt, his plan is diabolical. I will await to see. Just as I will wait to see what Bill Wright plans.

My plans?

Well, I shall not speak of them, no, not publicly, not like this, no.

As always, thank you for your support and well wishes. I could not have come so far without any of you.