May 1st, 2012


The Silent Voice of the Prime Minister

The truth is, News Ltd run a constant daily campaign to bring down the Government and bring on an election. It is quite blatant and obvious. Just yesterday, they had online opinion poll in all their publications on whether Gillard should call an immediate election. Unsurprisingly, given no-one but a Liberal Party supporter (or a masochist) would read News Ltd’s now entirely one-sided propaganda, an overwhelming number of people said the Prime Minister should. Upwards of 90 per cent — which is rather reminiscent of the 99 per cent election wins by Saddam Hussein. Of course, a Galaxy poll taken concurrently put this figure at a more believable 52 per cent — barely a majority of voters.

The News Ltd figure was simply propaganda.

The Australian Government has guided this nation unscathed through the global financial crisis — which has ruined much of the western world. For this alone, it should be held up by our media as at least partially effective. But this is never heard in our mainstream press, who portray the Gillard Government as ineffective and chaotic. There is no doubt at all that there is an agenda to bring down the Government by an organisation that owns about 70 per cent of the nation’s print media, and much else besides — including the cable news network we have been discussing in this piece.

We need to ask ourselves, how much of the current contempt for which the public holds the Government is real — and how much has been generated by the unrelenting campaign against it by News Ltd, followed along by the compliant tag-a-long ABC and Fairfax enterprises? We need to remember that, with a couple of small additions, News, Fairfax and ABC dominate the Australian media landscape — which is the least diverse in the western world. If they refuse to tell us the important news as it happens, then where else will we find it?

Of course, News Ltd is a commercial enterprise. It will argue that it is their right to run campaigns in the interest of their readers — and they have claimed that in the past. Fairfax will do the same. But what about the ABC, which blindly follows on wherever News Ltd leads? That, surely, is not part of its Charter.

For News to not report someone in a prominent position in Australian politics urging Australians, on one of their very own media outlets, to kill our nation’s democratically elected leader is an outright outrage — pure and simple. And for none of the Australian news media to pick up on this, even when the social media networks were in a frenzy? Well, we must conclude that these are very dark days indeed for journalism in this country.

The mass media in this country are now verging on the propagandistic. If you don’t think this a threat to our democracy, then you have been brainwashed — by the very same media that manipulates the news and refuses to give you the full picture.

I have to admit, I am constantly amazed by the amount of negative press thrown at Gillard. I swear I saw an article about her regarding recent announcements involving Slipper and Thomson, and in the whole article, no video of her was played. Tony Abbott, on the other hand, had three quotes.

I don't actually like Labor, or the Coalition, either, for that matter. But there's no denying that there is a systematic media campaign going on in the mainstream of Australia to sideline and remove the Labor Party from government. I mean, sure, the Labor Party has made mistakes--the whole debacle over Peter Slipper was a short time coming, but the way in which the Prime Minister's voice has been silenced, her every choice slammed, and the sheer amount of air time given to the opposition party... Christ, man, if you didn't have sympathy for Gillard before the year began, you'd be hard pressed not to find some now.

The article above reports on the former chief of staff to John Howard saying the public should kick the Prime Minister to death and the resounding lack of media coverage in response.