January 27th, 2012


Date of Birth Requests

The organisation of books is almost complete, but not quite. There's a few date of births for about a dozen or so authors that N. and I can't find, so I'm posting the names here, just in case anyone knows the dates.

* Michael Kupperman (Mark Twain's Autobiography, 1910 - 2010)

* Ian Edginton or D'israeli (Scarlet Traces)

* Robert Kirkman (the Walking Dead)

* Christopher Dolley (the Penguin Book of English Short Stories)

* Amy Fusselman (the Pharmascist's Mate)

* Wayne Macauley (Caravan Story)

* David Bennett (Multicultural States)

* Sara Knox (Murder)

* Anthony Gottlieb (The Dream of Reason)

* Christopher Woodward (Ruins)

* David Burchell (Western Horizon)

* Joe Connelly (Bringing Out the Dead)

* Peter Craven (Various Year's Best Essays)

* Jennifer Barrett or Carlonine Butler-Bowdon (Debating the City)

* Jon Altman or Melinda Hinkson (Coercive Reconciliation)

* Robin Pen (the Secret Life of Rubber-Suit Monsters)

* Mark Mordue (Dastgah)

* Steve Tomasula (In & Oz)

* Laird Hunt (The Exquisite)

Any help would be appreciated.