November 15th, 2011


Equality and Australia

Ah, Australia.

On the day that Labor Party moves to present the idea of selling uranium to India, the same party holds a conscience vote on Gay Marriage, wherein the Prime Minister (an atheist, unmarried woman with a long term male partner) promotes it by saying that she doesn't agree with it.

It is a terrible thing, equality, isn't it? It's so hard to figure out which way to go. I mean, on one hand, you can allow people to live how they want, free and honestly, or you can deny people basic rights. Tough, tough choice. Like that one about a woman's rights. It was tough recognising that. I mean, what was going to happen when the little woman wasn't in the kitchen, bare foot and pregnant and waiting for a good, white man to come home? Disaster, no doubt. It'll happen any day, I'm sure. And that one about race. I mean, I remember that. We sat around forever, trying to figure out if the darkies and the yellows should have rights like those pink people who kept wanting to sit at the back of the bus. Tough, like I said.

Still, you might, if you were a cynical individual, say that wanting to sell uranium to India now despite the fact that they're not signed to a nuclear proliferation agreement, because you know, that agreement is outdated... well, you might point out that claiming that homosexual men and women don't deserve equal rights is outdated as well.

But, you know, tough.

Equality always is. It's so hard to see when people aren't equal and so hard to fix it.

I mean, some kind of person who follows a Church where the Pope says rampant raping of children was okay because, in the 70s, pedophilia was okay, might get upset.

Tough, tough.

So tough.