November 2nd, 2011


Living Under a Rock

I have been living a bit under a rock of late and it will continue for another month at least, I suspect. Just real life world stuff and trying to keep writing at the same time. When I say this, I usually mean that posting will be light, but then I post more, so we'll see.

But, anyhow, I actually just learned that Alisa Krasnostein won a World Fantasy Award for Twelfth Planet Press.

Twelfth Planet Press is the publisher of Above/Below and a lot of other fine books, including collections Lucy Sussex, Deb Biancotti and Tansy Rayner Roberts. If you haven't drifted over to check out what she publishes, you should, for the books are of a fine quality, the covers often designed by Amanda Rainey, and forming tiny objects of desire that you should own. If you're not so into the physical object of books, then you can head to the e-store that they have as well.

Either way, the win was well deserved, and I hope that people will use this moment to check out more of what Twelfth Planet Press publishes.