March 4th, 2011


A Game of Thrones

Busy busy busy, but check it:

I am a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire. I grew up reading fantasy books, but fell out of the habit as you do when you get older, and find new authors and new concepts, but when I came across A Game of Thrones I was hooked back in, for a bit (Martin and Steven Erickson are the only fantasy series I've passed on to people in the last decade). What powers it are three different plots, each of them demanding the deaths and changes of main characters that make for a really engrossing series, and written with a structure that I always thought Martin had drawn from his days of writing for TV. I usually don't get so thrilled about TV shows written about books I dig, but I actually think this one will translate pretty faithfully, and do pretty good, even if Dany's hair looks strange.

Apparently, July will also see the release of a new installment of the series, for all of you who buy this stuff in hardcover (my love doesn't go that far).