September 13th, 2010


An Open Letter to the Film Industry

It's time.

Time to talk about something very serious.

Time to talk about something that concerns both you and I.

Time to talk about 3D in films.


I fucking hate it.

Stop it.

Yeah, Avatar was a big success, perhaps in part to the 3D within it, but more likely, it had to do with James Cameron and the advertising that went with it. But, I admit, it was kind of amusing to go into a film, pull on the 3D glasses, and later discuss with your friends how you felt it didn't really add anything to the film, and that, you know, glasses that you had to wear over glasses aside, the film was still racist and kind of shit. But, you know, so what? It was a success and, if like me, you left the cinema thinking it would be another year or two before you saw a film in 3D again, you probably didn't really give it much thought... until, that is, you saw a strange rush of films, each one featuring the promise of 3D, and none of them any kind of bad science fiction film. There was a dancing film. A kids film. An action film. It crossed genres. Blended good and bad. And so on and so forth until you found that that they're making a Yogi Bear film in 3D and a Jackass film in 3D.

It has to stop.

Please, make it stop.

I hate 3D. I used to not care about it. It used to be a gimmick, something for a laugh, but now I hate it. I hate the very words. When I see it advertised, I am actually turned off by that film, regardless of its genre. It's like a bad fashion trend in which everyone is wearing Ugg Boots and has mullet haircuts and you find yourself wondering why there aren't laws on breeding anymore. It's like when people thought for a moment that Fred Durst was a musical sensation and that this ought to be recognised. Or when the cast of Friends were thought to be talented. It demeans both you and I to continue working and supporting these people and fads, and it has to stop.

Maybe it would be fine if the 3D added something, but it doesn't. It didn't add anything in Avatar. It won't add something in Yogi Bear. It might, granted, add something in Jackass, but that in itself is a cautionary tale to anyone who thinks that 3D is the way of the future.


And perhaps more importantly than anything else here:

I hate wearing the glasses over my glasses to watch a fucking film in 3D.

So stop it.

Stop the madness!

Spare us from a life of shitty films where we're forced to wear shitty glasses!