August 5th, 2010



Here's a link to a vertical city design:

This tower is a frame-work for a new vertical city. Containing roadways, open plazas and parks; the nature and function of the ‘tower’ is to provide unlimited potential for new urban and vertical environment. By respecting the communal aspects of the city while
allowing growth, this new urban frame-work challenges the frozen and static quality of current tower typology. The architecture within the tower develops over time, creating a dynamic composition of vertical neighborhoods that grow around and into one another. Sub-public and private spaces evolve organically, creating complex urban spaces similar to those of historic Mexico. The meaning of the tower is a living being that breathes in the city and is truly defined by Mexican culture and people.

Sweet, hey?

I always thought that vertical cities rather promote the idea of everyone becoming part of the projects, those the projects in the States. This design doesn't convince me any different, and you can almost see the social standing being attached to the higher you live in it, but I like it for those reasons. I figure, more we go on, more out population gets denser and denser, such vertical cities will not be impossible, and neither will the social implications of a society that builds upwards within its cities, rather than out.

Still on technology, I finally have a new TV. It was a bit of a hassle, I have to tell you--the change from analog to digital meant I had to pick up an outdoor antenna just so I could get channels, and it's somewhat strange to have clear reception now because of that. My TV was kind of notorious for having dodgy reception, something that, in truth didn't bother me--I'd simply take off my glasses, and chill to a blurry and perfect image. Bothered a lot of other people, though--friends, girlfriends, door to door salespeople, and wild animals. I guess that just goes to show that people have a little higher standards when it comes to TV than I do. Of course, I only had four channels, most of them with nothing on it, and I figure that had a lot to do with it. Maybe if the four were great, though.

On that logic, I did give some thought to simply not buying a TV. Like I said, I don't watch it a whole lot, and I can download whatever I do want to watch, but in the end, I just like the choice of being able to switch it on and chill for a while, or to use it to watch a DVD or whatever. I may not watch more than fifteen to twenty minutes a day, if that, but choice is choice is choice.

Or maybe I am just a creature of habit.