April 8th, 2010


Going Back

I've recently begun re-reading books I own, which in itself may not be any kind of statement worth a blog post, but it's my blog, and I have never really been a big person for going back over stuff I've already read.

Just one of those things, I guess. I was (and am) a terrible student because I never read anything twice, unless I have to quote from it or pull arguments, and then I just read for what I want. I tend nor to re-watch films, TV shows, and this kind of no return behaviour trickles into my personal life. I don't go back. The one difference is music: I go back to music all the time, though some, naturally, does not age well, and some you are slightly embarrassed about, mostly because of the hair. But, lately, I've just been picking up old books--things I read as a teenager, things I read when I got older, stuff that meant something, and then meant nothing. It's interesting, because my habit for rereading is totally different to how I read a book usually, which is that I open page one and continue to the end. I don't glance ahead, and if it's an author I like, I don't even read the blurbs. But, in the last few weeks, I'll start at the ends of books, flip through to middles, starts, read one storyline while skipping the other, and then go and read the other after, should it strike me as something I want to do.

It has been surprisingly satisfying. I would say, previously, in my experience of re-reading books, that I simply don't get the pleasure out of it that I did the first time, that my attention wanders and seeks out new things, probably a sign of a terrible attention span on my part. But lately, it's been different.

No doubt it's some kind of nostalgia, which, I learnt not so long ago, was once considered a disease.

Well, at least its not a particularly virulent STD, and I am stuck with a very different kind of memory, which I'm sure we can all be thankful for.