February 23rd, 2010



Some days, I don't know why I do the things I do.

Today is such a day. Today I am attempting to teach comedy. Mostly, I'm trying to teach about the different styles and genres within it, but I try to keep things interesting. My current student (who, right now, is sitting here reading an old copy of The Hobbit that I didn't know I had) told me, without question, that a lot of writers weren't funny. Terry Pratchett, he said, was boring. The Wee Free Men especially. Having not read The Wee Free Men I couldn't say he was on crack, but the teacher at school, probably motivated by all the adults who thought it was funny and excellent, has him reading it. I don't know. Adults. Who would trust them. Anyhow, I think the Hobbit is rubbish as well, but for some reason, I also have a copy of the parody, the Soddit, which I honestly couldn't tell you when I bought or for why.

But, it's a parody, right, and it's educational, right--well, now it is--and already, the student has stopped to say that the Hobbit is funnier than the Soddit, which I'm fairly sure was not the intention when I came up with this plan.

Oh well.

In a moment I'm going to make him write a parody of War of the Worlds.