October 21st, 2009


Apparition and Late Fiction

I made a brief mention of Thomas Lynch's book of essays, the Undertaking, yesterday. It is, as I said then, one of my most favourite and cherished books--Lynch is, in fact, one of those writers who if I had the chance to meet them, I'd turn it down. It doesn't pay, sometimes, to meet the people you admire.

I've read everything I could get my hands on before and after the Undertaking, and it has been a mixed bag. Bodies in Motion has some fine essays, but was a little too Catholic for my tastes, and Booking Passage, Lynch's memoir about his family in Ireland, had its moments, and was certainly beautifully written. Of his poetry, Still Life in Milford, was decent enough, but I thought it lacked the focus that would arise in the latter three books in relation to family, mortality, and life. (I haven't read the other two collections of poetry--though if I remember right, one is included in Still Life; or at least something like that. There was a reason at the time why I didn't pursue it.) Anyhow, it has been a bit of time since the release of Booking Passage, and I thought I'd see what Lynch had coming out new, and it turns out that in early 2010, he'll have a collection entitled Apparition and Late Fiction.