July 29th, 2009


Fuck Da Police

I spent a chunk of today listening to old NWA because of a fight in the science fiction community (another one, I hear you say).

There's really not a whole lot to say about the debate, except, of course, that I thought the Carl Brandon Petition a bit silly, if for nothing that, yes, of course if you want to have a sane and rational conversation with someone you don't call them the first slur that comes to your mind; secondly, it's a bit of censorship; and thirdly, what's going to happen when people ignore it? It'd be cool if some sort of internet racial slur police van showed up at your door, kicked it in, took your keyboard and started hitting you round the head while saying, "You signed the petition! This is what happens when you sign the petition and don't abide by it! DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND THE PETITION NOW COCKSUCKER!"

I mean, that'd be cool, but a touch unrealistic.


What has come out of this is the shocking number of people who didn't know who NWA were, a band that even I, young, white and in the Western suburbs of Sydney, listened too for my angry, psuedo social rebellion at a young age. So, in the aim to educate you all, I present 'Fuck Da Police':