July 22nd, 2009



Turns out that the fuse I replaced yesterday has a larger issue, much like the video card last week. With a sigh, I called electricians today.

I don't know if I'm just lucky, or if the pool of electricians with a hint of human kindness in their bones is shrinking, but if it wasn't the people who wanted my name and full address before they'd even asked what my issue was (you know, like those people who rock up your door to sell you a phone company you've never heard of before) or the people who said the entire place I'm living in is an illegal death trap of old wiring, then it was the ones that sounded like they knew less about wiring that I do (no easy trick).

I found one, though. He may arrive tomorrow and try to murder me with an axe, or charge me millions of dollars for a simple wire he cut from a long line of wire, but god dammit, I will have the ability to turn my bathroom light and washing machine on by the end of the week.

Or, you know, I'll begin writing with my faeces.