June 11th, 2009




I know there's a few people reading this who teach, and if you wouldn't mind, I could do with picking a few ideas off you to steal and pass as my own.

Essentially, I have a student whose struggling with spelling and grammar. He was doing alright, but recently there's been a bit of a relapse, and I'd like to get him back to paying attention to it and picking it up (without getting into too much detail, it's a pretty bad side of things, and is making the difference between pass and fail in High School English). Anyhow, what I'm looking for is basically some different ways to do this--something that's a bit off the beating path and which will be (hopefully) more engaging than the usual stuff you do with this kind of issue. So if you got any experience of teaching it (or having it taught to you) feel free to drop some notes down in the comments for me.