June 2nd, 2009


Black Sheep, the Education in Germany

Some of you might remember that I was told that an extract from Black Sheep appeared in a German exam. It was pretty cool, I thought, but the number one question was if I should've been paid for it.

Well, turns out they're reprinting it again--

Dear Sir or Madam, we are a German publishing house specialized in the publication of material for educational purposes. At the moment we are preparing our publication called Abitur Prüfungsaufgaben Englisch Grundkurs Gymnasium NRW which will be published in summer 2009 with a print run of 2000 copies, about 220 pp., € 8,95, publishing territory: Germany only. In this booklet edition we would like to reprint the enclosed text extract from “Black Sheep" by Ben Peek. London: Prime Books 2007, p. 9-11.

--and turns out I'll get paid this time.

Neat, huh?