June 1st, 2009


New Australian Spec Fic Award

Over the years, the one thing I've learnt about Australian speculative fiction is that they really like awards.

Don't believe me? Well, there's the Aurealis Awards, which give out fourteen statues, the Ditmars, which give out thirteen, the Tin Ducks that give out seven, and the Australian Horror Writers naked chick statue, which is given out to one person each year. These thirty five awards are particularly impressive when you give that you'd be lucky to find as many people in the same room who have read the list of nominated works in any prize. Which is, of course, why a new award is such an impressive thing to have emerge, and to top it out, it's a state wide award, much like the Tin Ducks, which means that the nine people in Victoria who'll be interested in this will have a fair shake at the nine nomination categories:

The Continuum Foundation has opened nominations for the inaugural Chronos Awards for excellence in Victorian [ed. As in Victoria, the state of Australia] SF, fantasy, and horror in 2008.

The categories are:

Professional Categories

* Best Novel
* Best Novella or Novelette
* Best Short Story
* Best Collected Work
* Best Artwork

Fan Categories

* Best Fan Writer
* Best Fan Artist
* Best Fan Publication in any Medium.

Special Award for works not eligible in existing categories

* Best Achievement

Nominations from "natural persons active in fandom" or from full or supporting members of the Continuum 5 SF convention are open from now until June 28.

Nominations can be made by:
1. Email to awards@continuum.org.au; or
2. Post to - Chronos Awards Committee, 65A Limestone Ave, BRADDON ACT 2612; or
3. Lodging a comment at the Arcadiagt5 LiveJournal.

The Chronos Awards will be presented at Continuum 5 in August.

Really, I'm struggling to see why anything in Australia would need yet another award. I have no idea what it supports, or even encourages, and given the continually shrinking audience of the work produced here, I do wonder why the energy isn't being put elsewhere...