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November 10th, 2008

Ask Yourself: What Would You Have Done?

There had been fruit cake in my fridge since Xmas.

It was sitting in a plastic container, cake bought back from my mother's, because I'm not a huge fan, but I must've figured at the time that it'd be okay over the Xmas period. At any rate, I promptly forgot about it, and it sat at the back of the fridge, for months until, last night, I decided it had to go. It was bin night. So I took it out, popped the lid, expected some kind of smell, a lot of fuzz, a lot of green, a lot of... well, things that weren't there.

Instead it looked like the fruit cake eleven months ago. A little dry, I guess, but in no way suggestive of an inedible quality.

Maybe it wouldn't be that bad, I thought?

In other news, the cover of Polyphony Seven has been making the rounds, and it's shiny:

The book will now be released in February of 2008, and it contains my story, 'There is Something so Quiet and Empty Inside of You That it Must be Precious'. You can, however, pre-order it at the Wheatland Press site.

Y'know, I think this was the only short story I wrote this year.