November 7th, 2008


Nowhere Near Savannah, the Endnote

It got a little lost in the election, but Nowhere Near Savannah came to an end on Wednesday.

Anna illustrated and wrote the final comic, turning in, I think, the best of the series: heart felt, honest, and real. When she told me that she couldn't keep going anymore, we discussed how to end it, and Anna suggested that it would work with end notes on the characters. Things like Djae getting addicted to crystal meth, Michelle finding a nice boy, Cas having a moment wherein the trolley guy at his work got hit buy a truck on the way home, Dee going to America, and me, I go to a Vanilla Ice concert. But the truth is, those kind of end pieces only capture a little bit of the story, and sound a lot more finished that the comic was ever meant to feel in relation to its narratives. Nowhere Near Savannah was an autobiographical comic, and its beats and shifts moved to what was going on in life, and the theme, or at least what I began to connect with after the first half a dozen comics, was what it meant to be alive and living in your thirties, with shitty jobs, vague futures, and relationships that come and go, with various degrees of importance. I made a lot of jokes because I thought I was being funny and most people seemed to dig it. But there's nothing in this that says that a permanent, closed up end was the way to go, and so after thinking the idea around for a few days, I told Anna no, we'd end, just suddenly, on her final comic.

Maybe that doesn't sit right with some of you out there, but it sits fine with me. It's life. Life gets in the way of the shit you want to do. Sometimes because it exhausts you, sometimes because it excites you, sometimes because it bores the fuck out of you.

Still, the thing is, Anna and I did Nowhere Near Savannah for a year. We were fourteen comics off the end, but it doesn't matter: we did a cool thing, we did it for free, and I hope you all dug it while it ran, and that you have your favourites, and non favourites. I have mine, as the writer, and I have things I'd fix if I could go back, and things I'd do if I could finish, but this was a project I shared with Anna, and I have no interest in it if she's not here to draw all the silly things that I think will be cool, and to later write comics that show me how little she needs me at all.

It was a pretty cool ride, though, and I hope you dug it while it was here.