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October 12th, 2008


Turned 32 today.

It's not so bad, and in fact, has a nice sound to it. Maybe it'll be good. The day itself was fine, with people from round the world wishing me happiness, saying hi, and sending my pictures of their dogs. Djae even came over and cooked me dinner, and Cas was round for it too, and we swapped shit, laughed, and talked about how the red cup cake didn't taste red at all.

Over the last week, I tossed back and forth the knowledge that I'm in my early thirties now, and I'm broke, single, with a business I keep only to get me by, and career that's not worth a whole lot to anyone but me. As Djae said tonight, it was something I worked hard for, that statement, and that made me laugh. Truth is, I dig it, mostly, though I may say different next week, or six months from now. It's a life and it suits me fine and if it has got some hassle, well, it has got some.

So if you're reading this, have a good one.