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September 2nd, 2008

Young, Dumb and Full of--

Apparently a seventeen year old girl is pregnant, and she's going to keep the baby and marry the father, but we're not allowed to talk about that, or so Papa Obama says, and so we're going to talk about not talking about it.

Usually, I don't go for talking about American politics, but you have to laugh at this one. A teenager is pregnant because she was stupid, and like the white elephant in the room, people are going to skirt round the issue and not talk about it, while making various jokes at the expense of the girl and the parents. It's rather like you're at Xmas with the family and there's a scandal because one of your cousins has a bump and she hasn't even done the HSC yet. You think it would raise questions about sex education, about abortion, about rights, about being young and stupid and making mistakes, about the sanctity of marriage, about the rights of gays, and oh, a whole lot more you could perhaps spiral out of it and make candidates squirm around having opinions.

(Cross posted with benpeek.com for that extra goodness.)