June 27th, 2008


Wheatland Press Offer

From Deborah Layne (deborahlive):

From now until July 4 (at midnight Pacific Time), if you buy any two Wheatland Press titles at the regular price, you'll get one copy of any volume of Polyphony free.

Just order as usual using Paypal and in the comment box of the order form for the second title, indicate which volume of Polyphony you would like to receive.

Of course, I love Wheatland Press, and endorse such a sale.

The disclaimer is, of course, that Wheatland Press is the publisher of my short novel, 26Lies, and you could, conceivably buy it as one of your two books, but even if you're not into that, one of the reasons to try any of the other books published here is that Deb Layne likes to do books that push the boundaries. Polyphony, the collection I recently sold a story to, and which will be in its seventh volume, has made its name on pushing the boundaries on literary speculative fiction, and the kind of work that appears there is always questioning the lines of genre boundaries, forcing you to look outside the simple and mainstream interpretations. There were five volumes doing this way before I managed to sneak into the last volume, and you can find authors such as Bruce Holland Rogers, Lucius Shepard, Robert Freeman Wexler, Ray Vukcevich, Leslie What, Diana Sherman, Jeff Ford, and more throughout the volumes, all doing this.

Do you need more incentive?

Well, how about this: it was Deb Layne who introduced me to Nouvelle Vague, the band below:

How could you doubt any publisher with fine music tastes?

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Bono is a Dick

After my last post, I followed a few links and ended up at a shoddy video of Arcade Fire and U2 doing a version of Joy Divisions' 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. Now, I like the first band quite a lot, and think the second band sucks in equal amount, but even I'll admit that U2 can do a passable song when needed, but fuck me if this isn't just awful.

However, this comment by Enrieby, some random poster on youtube, just make me laugh and made it all alright:

Now we know the reason Ian Curtis killed himself, after writing and performing one of the best songs ever, he looked into the future and imagined a day like this when a total dick like bono would do this to one of his songs.